Sea Gull Flying


There’s nothing fancy about this photo of a seagull about to land on the waters edge. I’m just using it to fill in the colour palette in this photo portfolio. Images tend to look their best in groups when the tones flow gently from one picture to the next.

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Two Girls And A Black Dog


Photo of two attractive girls and a fluffy black dog at a local park in Melbourne. It’s funny how some people can find a facial pose and stick to it … often called the FaceBook pose. I’m glad they do it though. It adds a new dimension to the regular “smiling into the camera” pictures that most of us use.

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The Fluffy Kitty


This little ragdoll kitty is such a delight to own. I bought a new lens when I got him so I could get up close and take tack sharp pictures of his blue eyes and whiskers. I ended up going for the 50mm Sigma f1.4 Art Lens after reading the reviews. So glad I did. It’s better than the more expensive Canon EF 50mm f1.2 Luxury Series Lens for my purposes.

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Woman In Blue Splashing Me With Water


It’s so nice to get clients who will play with me during a photo shoot. This woman in blue jeans took a little while to loosen up, but once I encouraged her to splash me with water from the creek at Pearl Park in Foster, she relaxed from then on. The picture was post processed in PhotoShop to draw out the blue tones which removed the distracting background colours. The bridge adds structural integrity to the image and the water splashes, draw your eye up towards her happy face.

You don’t have to be a stunning model to take a good picture – natural happiness from the inside-out does it every time.

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Magpie Eating A Treat


Great closeup photo of a magpie. No matter where I’ve lived, there’s always been native birds that come in for a feed. This friendly magpie surprised us though. We’d only just moved into a new villa on the broadwater and he came almost close enough to touch. He really enjoyed this dry dog food we offered him. So nice to have birds around without needing to hold them in a cage. I really like living like that – in harmony with nature.

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Sultry Day On The Jetty


An overcast day at the jetty with mountains in the background made me think this scene at Pacific Palms was a lot like Loch Ness. The line of the old wooden jetty attracted the attention of a family who enjoyed fishing – mum, dad and son with a picnic basket, waiting to see what can be reeled in on their hand lines. A very peaceful scene indeed. I could have stayed for hours.

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Two Boys Looking Into The Water


This started out as a holiday snap of two boys playing on a jetty at Pacific Palms on the N.S.W. coast, but their parents came over and asked me to send them an email with the results … and I was so happy, it’s turned out to be one of my favourite photo albums of all.

So nice to capture the naturalness of children, not posing, not caring, just so innately beautiful.

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Two Girls Sitting In The Park


It was lovely to see how close these two sisters were during the photo shoot. Here they are perched up on a table just to give the image sequence a different perspective. They enjoyed their time in the park and we have a gorgeous portfolio to prove it.

When taking family albums, I prefer to get them to dress in similar colours and tones. The easiest tends to be blue jeans and white shirts and I got them to take their shoes off to show their nicely pained toenails as well. We ended up with about 5 different looks in a one hour shoot. Really happy with these.

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Australian Tree Ferns


This artistically inspired photo of the green fronds of tree ferns with contrasting blue sky and grey timber cabin in the background, was taken at Lamington National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The Binna Burra Mountain Lodge is up there and has the most wonderful views out over the peaceful valley. I really like the new villas they’ve built there as well that have a rent back scheme with the mountain lodge management. These would make a great investment as they can only be owner occupied for a maximum of 30 days per year … that’s enough for most people who take 4 weeks holiday off work … and the rental returns as of December 2014, were the best I’d ever seen. Stunning scenery.

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Girl Getting Her Hair Trimmed


Photo of a fabulous hairdresser on the Gold Coast who often does our hair. This particular salon was quite cramped for space so I used my favourite Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens which does a perfect job blurring what was a messy background and works a treat in low light conditions too. If I only had the choice of one lens – this would definitely be it. Post processing was done in PhotoShop to highlight the bright blues and gentle pinks in the picture. I adore the effect.

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Inside A Deep Pink Rose


I just adore doing macro photography, if I have the time and patience. Most lenses and light situations need a tripod to steady the image. I have a fabulous Canon 100m Macro lens that’s perfect for the job and I can often get away without the tripod at faster shutter speeds. If I can take the picture I want quickly and easily … I’m in!

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Girl With A Garland Of Flowers

girl-with-a-garland-of-flowers (1)

girl-with-a-garland-of-flowers (2)

When I’m looking for some different poses for portraits, I like to find props in the persons homes to personalize their style. This woman is a massage therapist who general wears a sarong and has flowers and scented candles burning in the room … so we draped the garland around her neck and made it a feature to soften the image. The pink really suits her style and is the same colour as her business cards too.

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Poster For AMY


I made this poster for a friends daughter called Amy. It’s a take on what her favourite singer “Pink” used as an album cover. We loved the black and white background effect and the simple lettering with her name on it in the foreground.

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Hollywood Glamour Portrait


This was just a casual photo shoot in a park. I wanted to give the family a variety of different looks, so I put this girl inside a reflective concrete shelter shed and pulled off a few fabulous portraits, that often look so much better than those done in a studio.

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