Hollywood Glamour Portrait


This was just a casual photo shoot in a park. I wanted to give the family a variety of different looks, so I put this girl inside a reflective concrete shelter shed and pulled off a few fabulous portraits, that often look so much better than those done in a studio.

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Beautiful Woman In Red


I did an interesting photo shoot for a massage therapist in Melbourne. She is much older in years than she looks in this photo. Her appearance when I arrived was quite old fashioned (to suit here chronological age), so I decided to tease her hair up a bit and get her in a more unusual position to lengthen her facial structure. The results were fabulous.

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Girl Looking Around


I love the look teenage girls sometimes get when they’re feeling moody … that sullen, honest, not-going-to-smile-for-anyone face. I post processed this picture to remove the distraction of the coloured background and make it black and white. Her face really stands out in a crowd.

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Face Of An Old Man


I met this weathered-faced man during a trip to China. He was sitting outside a temple that was heavily populated with tourists, playing an old type of flute. I took a series of random shots with my travel camera and was so delighted with the results that it was used as a magazine cover after some HDR post processing.

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Old Fragile Woman


This amazing woman was 99 when I took this photo. I was struck by her honesty about being ready to go (to heaven) but each time she mentioned it, her family just ignored the comment. I watched how well they cared for her and with such tremendous respect. I’ve learned so much from people who are coming to the end of their life and value their insight and wisdom greatly.

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Kids Sitting On A Jetty


Went on a road trip a couple years back and spontaneously diverted off the main highway and found this amazing place … Pacific Palms … in coastal New South Wales. Families were enjoying picnics and playing near the boat ramp and jetty. I took a series of pictures of these children and sent their families the photos. They were thrilled.

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The Golden Creek


This is a digitally enhanced creek scene from one of our most interesting Victorian state parks and reserves at Turtons Creek, which is located between Mirboo North and Foster in South Gippsland.

I actually went down here several times, sitting the tripod carefully in the water and waiting for the lighting to be more gently filtered. Taking pictures in the Australian bush can be challenging, especially when the sun is steaming down through the canopy which creates harsh shadows OR when the light is too dim to enable fast enough shutter speeds.

With water shots though, we like to slow them down to create the motion blur. It was worth the wait to capture this picture.

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