Girl In A Bikini


This came from a set of casual tourist pictures I took in Sydney with my little travel camera. It wasn’t posed, it was completely natural. An attractive girl in a red bikini walked into the water, I saw the opportunity and took the picture. Often the natural photos taken on the fly give me more pleasure than a setup shot.

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Sultry Day On The Jetty


An overcast day at the jetty with mountains in the background made me think this scene at Pacific Palms was a lot like Loch Ness. The line of the old wooden jetty attracted the attention of a family who enjoyed fishing – mum, dad and son with a picnic basket, waiting to see what can be reeled in on their hand lines. A very peaceful scene indeed. I could have stayed for hours.

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Kids Sitting On A Jetty


Went on a road trip a couple years back and spontaneously diverted off the main highway and found this amazing place … Pacific Palms … in coastal New South Wales. Families were enjoying picnics and playing near the boat ramp and jetty. I took a series of pictures of these children and sent their families the photos. They were thrilled.

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Cotters Beach Blues

Cotters Beach is located at Wilsons Promotory National Park. The array of driftwood and other material washed up is quite fascinating. The area also contains important aboriginal archaeological and cultural items. Just like most of the beaches at ‘The Prom’ the sunsets here are quite spectacular, as seen in the photos HERE. Make sure to take your camera when you visit too.

Photo above taken with tungsten white balance which gives it the blue effect. Sometimes, using an incorrect setting can enhance the picture if you play around and experiment.

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