Gold Coast Boardwalk Panorama


Queensland national parks and reserves are so well maintained, they are usually accessible even in the wetter months. This boardwalk is on the way to Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park on The Gold Coast. It has been delicately built around one of the giant beech trees about a meter above the forest floor. This allows all the small animals, bush turkeysWallaroos and other Australian native wildlife to roam freely and unhindered as humans eagerly enter their territory.

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Beautiful Australian Creek


Gold and green toned photograph of a country waterway taken at the somewhat remote, Turtons Creek Reserve in Victoria. The colours of the Australian bush are often quite muted, with blues of the Eucalypts and greens from the ferns and moss. This stunning image was obviously post processed to draw out the golden reflections in the water from the sun on the dried off grasses on the bank. This picture has been featured on several websites, brochures and also in an Art Gallery.

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Australian Tree Ferns


This artistically inspired photo of the green fronds of tree ferns with contrasting blue sky and grey timber cabin in the background, was taken at Lamington National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The Binna Burra Mountain Lodge is up there and has the most wonderful views out over the peaceful valley. I really like the new villas they’ve built there as well that have a rent back scheme with the mountain lodge management. These would make a great investment as they can only be owner occupied for a maximum of 30 days per year … that’s enough for most people who take 4 weeks holiday off work … and the rental returns as of December 2014, were the best I’d ever seen. Stunning scenery.

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The Golden Creek


This is a digitally enhanced creek scene from one of our most interesting Victorian state parks and reserves at Turtons Creek, which is located between Mirboo North and Foster in South Gippsland.

I actually went down here several times, sitting the tripod carefully in the water and waiting for the lighting to be more gently filtered. Taking pictures in the Australian bush can be challenging, especially when the sun is steaming down through the canopy which creates harsh shadows OR when the light is too dim to enable fast enough shutter speeds.

With water shots though, we like to slow them down to create the motion blur. It was worth the wait to capture this picture.

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