Blue Eyed Kitten


I spend a lot of time at home – I love where I live. But a few months ago I decided I’d like to have some playful, happy and easy going company … and this lovely ragdoll kitten was the start of it!

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Sea Gull Flying


There’s nothing fancy about this photo of a seagull about to land on the waters edge. I’m just using it to fill in the colour palette in this photo portfolio. Images tend to look their best in groups when the tones flow gently from one picture to the next.

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The Fluffy Kitty


This little ragdoll kitty is such a delight to own. I bought a new lens when I got him so I could get up close and take tack sharp pictures of his blue eyes and whiskers. I ended up going for the 50mm Sigma f1.4 Art Lens after reading the reviews. So glad I did. It’s better than the more expensive Canon EF 50mm f1.2 Luxury Series Lens for my purposes.

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Magpie Eating A Treat


Great closeup photo of a magpie. No matter where I’ve lived, there’s always been native birds that come in for a feed. This friendly magpie surprised us though. We’d only just moved into a new villa on the broadwater and he came almost close enough to touch. He really enjoyed this dry dog food we offered him. So nice to have birds around without needing to hold them in a cage. I really like living like that – in harmony with nature.

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The Big Red Hen

the big red hen

Ha ha ha … in Australia, we call hens “chooks”. I grew up on a poultry farm in Southern N.S.W. and fondly remember how lovely it was to sit amongst the newly unpacked day old chickens on my parents commercial farm. The breeding has changed significantly since then, from the commercial black and whites to the now more acceptable Isa Browns or even the exotic silkies.

I’ve loved raising them for eggs as an adult on my hobby farm in South Gippsland too. I’ve always preferred to buy a cooked chicken from the supermarket rather than killing and plucking and preparing them myself. But their character traits are a delight to watch. You must protect them from foxes, even in the city.

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