Pastel Pink Rose Art


There’s something about the texture, colour and simplicity of flowers that encourages me to do extra post processing in PhotoShop. The original image was strongly back-lit which blew out the colour in the sky … so I increased the contrast, enhanced the tone, simplified the colour and removed the background entirely. These are thoroughly gorgeous as printed art.

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Chocolate Brown And Cream Protea


These hardy and beautiful proteas make the best cut flowers, lasting for weeks in a vase indoors and drying out easily if you can’t be bothered to top up the water. While it’s not good feng shui to let the water go stagnant and dry the flowers in this way, (some even say it’s bad feng shui to have dried flowers in the house at all), it can stimulate good energy if it’s done with deliberate intent, cutting the stems on a 45 degree angle and hanging upside down to dry out fully, before being thoughtfully placed upright again in a plain pot.

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Australian Wattle


Wattle flowers are mostly highly scented and bright yellow. They are best kept on the tree rather than brought inside and put in a vase. Although fairly bland to photograph, I put this one next to a stunning contrasting fuchsia pink bloom which highlighted the beauty of them both.

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Inside A Deep Pink Rose


I just adore doing macro photography, if I have the time and patience. Most lenses and light situations need a tripod to steady the image. I have a fabulous Canon 100m Macro lens that’s perfect for the job and I can often get away without the tripod at faster shutter speeds. If I can take the picture I want quickly and easily … I’m in!

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