Blue Eyed Kitten


I spend a lot of time at home – I love where I live. But a few months ago I decided I’d like to have some playful, happy and easy going company … and this lovely ragdoll kitten was the start of it!

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Girl At The Beach


This portrait of my daughter was taken on a slightly overcast day with the sun high overhead. Having the sun in that position isn’t the ideal scenario so I made sure the exposure was right for her face and let the sun blow out the background. I love doing high contrast photography in these less than ideal situations. It really lets you know that she was at the beach without actually seeing any of it.

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Pastel Pink Rose Art


There’s something about the texture, colour and simplicity of flowers that encourages me to do extra post processing in PhotoShop. The original image was strongly back-lit which blew out the colour in the sky … so I increased the contrast, enhanced the tone, simplified the colour and removed the background entirely. These are thoroughly gorgeous as printed art.

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Girl In A Bikini


This came from a set of casual tourist pictures I took in Sydney with my little travel camera. It wasn’t posed, it was completely natural. An attractive girl in a red bikini walked into the water, I saw the opportunity and took the picture. Often the natural photos taken on the fly give me more pleasure than a setup shot.

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Blushing Beautiful Red Headed Girl


I usually take photographs in the outdoors, at peoples homes, at their place of business or on location befitting their individual needs, but occasionally it’s nice to do some home studio shots where I can control the lighting more easily. This was no fancy setup though. Just a large white linen sheet as a backdrop with filtered light coming through one of the windows which reflected off a mirror on the other side of the room. A nice gentle effect that highlights her naturally striking emerald green eyes. The Gold Coast is my home for most of the year, but you’ll often find me traveling up and down the east coast of Australia as well. This country is beautiful.

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Orange Gum Tree


The striking colour of the Eucalyptus Tree under this peeling bark really caught my attention in the car park at the Rocky Hill War Memorial and Museum, in Goulburn N.S.W. It was rather hot here with around 45 degree heat in January when we visited. The grass is dry, summer haze fills the sky, but the view from the old timber seat looking over the town right next to where this tree is growing, is quite spectacular.


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Gold Coast Boardwalk Panorama


Queensland national parks and reserves are so well maintained, they are usually accessible even in the wetter months. This boardwalk is on the way to Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park on The Gold Coast. It has been delicately built around one of the giant beech trees about a meter above the forest floor. This allows all the small animals, bush turkeysWallaroos and other Australian native wildlife to roam freely and unhindered as humans eagerly enter their territory.

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Beautiful Australian Creek


Gold and green toned photograph of a country waterway taken at the somewhat remote, Turtons Creek Reserve in Victoria. The colours of the Australian bush are often quite muted, with blues of the Eucalypts and greens from the ferns and moss. This stunning image was obviously post processed to draw out the golden reflections in the water from the sun on the dried off grasses on the bank. This picture has been featured on several websites, brochures and also in an Art Gallery.

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Chocolate Brown And Cream Protea


These hardy and beautiful proteas make the best cut flowers, lasting for weeks in a vase indoors and drying out easily if you can’t be bothered to top up the water. While it’s not good feng shui to let the water go stagnant and dry the flowers in this way, (some even say it’s bad feng shui to have dried flowers in the house at all), it can stimulate good energy if it’s done with deliberate intent, cutting the stems on a 45 degree angle and hanging upside down to dry out fully, before being thoughtfully placed upright again in a plain pot.

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Australian Wattle


Wattle flowers are mostly highly scented and bright yellow. They are best kept on the tree rather than brought inside and put in a vase. Although fairly bland to photograph, I put this one next to a stunning contrasting fuchsia pink bloom which highlighted the beauty of them both.

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Boy With A Cap

boy wearing a cap

A fabulous closeup photo of one of my grandsons taken with a long lens to blur out the background. I’m delighted with the quality of Luxury Lenses I own. This was taken with the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II. I’ve even used it to take professional shots indoors at a brightly lit party in a large river front home in Hawthorn Melbourne. The bokeh is lovely too.

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Attractive Girl With Flowers


Carol is a natural beauty and standing her next to this lovely floral display of hyacinth helped to bring out the pastel blues and lilacs of the pool area that’s blurred into the background of this photo. Pallazo Versace is a fabulous venue for a photo shoot. The manager was kind enough to let us roam around providing we kept out of the way of the guests. Much appreciated and the pictures were terrific.

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